Individualized Home Supports


Continuum designs individualized day and vocational programs with structured routine and flexibility for clients who are unable to benefit from conventional day programming. This process has been especially successful with our autistic residents who have been unable to access and/or be successful in the typical day program setting. The primary goal is to provide the type of environment and support that enables individuals to feel safe and encouraged.

The service is provided in individual apartments in the community where people live alone or with a roommate, as well as within an individual’s family home, and includes assistance with personal needs and daily living skills like banking, budgeting, and shopping. The typical use of this service is 5-20 hours a week, and can be increased based on the level of need and individual plan.
A typical day may consist of scheduled activities in the community such as attending the YMCA, visiting parks, addressing verbal communication needs, and participating in interagency events, such as bowling, to promote socialization. 

Continuum of Care currently operates a Day Services Program funded in part by the Department of Developmental Services. The vocational component of our Day Services Program employs several Continuum clients who are able to achieve their individual goals while learning new skills such as snow removal, landscaping, painting, moving furniture, and picking up donations throughout the community. Participants have been successfully employed in neighborhood beautification initiatives in the towns where Continuum has property. These opportunities have provided a direct impact upon improving their level of function and overall quality of life while giving back to the community-at-large.

Key Components:

  • Independent living skills enrichment
  • Employment & volunteer opportunities 
  • Home-based services & supports (under 24 hours/day)

Continuum of Care, Inc.’s mission is to enable people who are challenged with mental illness, intellectual disability or other disability, and/or addiction, to rebuild a meaningful life and thrive in the community.