Permanent Supportive Housing


The McQueeney and Crawford Supportive Services programs — a collaboration between Continuum of Care and the Housing Authority of New Haven — provide wrap-around case management services to individuals at risk of being homeless and who have either a dual diagnosis of mental illness and substance abuse, or a history of substance abuse.
Case managers are on site to assist with daily living activities such as money management, transportation, entitlements and housing/tenancy issues, and to provide therapeutic recreational activities (yoga and support groups, for example) and individualized clinical treatment planning. 
McQueeney is funded in part by PILOTS (Planning and Implementing Housing Options for Long-Term Success) through funding made available by the Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services and the Housing Authority of New Haven.

Key components:

  • Walk-in supports for all tenants 
  • Daily life skills training & crisis intervention
  • Assistance with entitlements such as food stamps & medical insurance 
  • Access to community resources such as legal, medical or mental health services

Continuum of Care, Inc.’s mission is to enable people who are challenged with mental illness, intellectual disability or other disability, and/or addiction, to rebuild a meaningful life and thrive in the community.